Why I can’t keep up?

For most of the people in this world, they cannot take an initiative of doing something they love. For others, they do take the initiative but cannot keep up. I am among the latter. In the initial phases, I used to tell myself that I do not have the resources to start doing that thing. … Continue reading Why I can’t keep up?

The job I did not have

SERIES: DON’T REGRET LATER #NOREGRETS This series will be the stories (real ones) about how I did things that failed (some of them) but I did not regret later. My highest educational document is a degree in computer science from a university in my home town (it was a sub-campus of a larger university back … Continue reading The job I did not have

The followers in ks (thousands)

Who does not want fame? Except for some, rest does. Another reason, apart from improving my writing, these blogs are to earn me some popularity out in the digital world. People go different levels to earn that. Some pay money like paying for an advertisement. Some may ask others, who already have big fan base, to share their content. And some may use tools to earn free (or paid) followers from tons of website (it works but does not last).