Thawani Pay SDK for .NET

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Recently I was working on a project in .NET where I needed to integrate Thawani Payment Gateway (Oman Based Payment Gateway). There API documentation is great but there isn't any official library in .NET. Many of the new developers might find it hard to start consuming the APIs, generating the JSON, etc. I wrapped all … Continue reading Thawani Pay SDK for .NET

The first habit: Proactive Listen to this article For most of us, it is always the easiest to blame someone or something about a situation that happens. Be it you are yelling on someone, business failed, client cancels the project or anything that relates. Blaming it on someone or something else makes your mind not feel guilty. Although … Continue reading The first habit: Proactive

Hungry Stomach, Empty Pocket, Broken Heart

During the early stages of my life, I was lucky enough not to worry about those 3 things. Well, for sometimes Empty Pocket because my wants were little too much but my parents always, one way or the other, fulfilled them. Gradually, when you reach in the adulthood, then you realize about the responsibilities. Responsibility … Continue reading Hungry Stomach, Empty Pocket, Broken Heart