Get Started with DigitalOcean using ASP.NET: Chapter 1 Creating a Minimal API ASP.NET Project

For this book, we will be using Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition.

We will begin by creating a new project in Visual Studio of type ASP.NET Core Web API

On the next page, we will choose .NET 6 (as it has long term support) and uncheck the box of “Use Controllers” to continue with minimal APIs. The rest we will keep as it is.

Once the project is created, you would see the following files in the solution explorer.

We will add Docker support in the project.

Once Docker file is created, we will switch the Solution Explorer view to File Explorer View.

Now we will be moving the Docker file to Solution level.

After that, we will commit the changes and push the code to GitHub.

We will now initialize a git repository for our project. As of now, we will keep it as local only.

The “Program.cs” file will contain the basic method calls for creating a Web API project as well as an example endpoint. It would like this:

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