How to setup Windows Server? Part 2: IIS

If you are a non-techy or do not want the headache, I can offer to install it for you. You can just put a comment on this post or reach me out on Twitter at @ghulamostafa.

Now that we have our server up and running, from Part 1, we would need IIS for actually hosting any Web Application. Let’s dive in and install the required tools for this server to become a Web Server.

Once you login to your server using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP), you would see the following screen where you shall click Add roles and features.

This will bring a wizard where you shall click next on the first step

Choose Role-based or feature-based installation and click next

Keep the default selected on the next screen

On the Server Roles screen, choose Web Server (IIS) and Windows Deployment Services.

You shall choose all the following

In Web Server Role (IIS) -> Role Services, let the default be selected but add the followings

Let the selected one be selected on the next screen

Confirm and click install

It would take few minutes to install IIS and other required dependencies. Once IIS is installed, you can open a browser tab and paste your IP address and should see the following screen

We have successfully installed Web Server (IIS) on the windows server. You should be able to find IIS over here. Click Tools and then Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

For deploy Windows Server, please click this link.

For installing MS SQL Server, please click this link.

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